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The Seasons of Change

by Rayne & the Six-Star System

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my body knows something i don't my body knows something i don't my body knows something i don't my body knows something i don't
i've been picking at scraps like an old world vulture in the miocene you've moved on, but i still read your stories a big cat killed an antelope, now i'm picking at whats left on the bone eyes on the back of my head i am prey for someone else or at least thats what ive told myself for some time even with my strong wings that could take me away, take me anywhere they brought me to your doorstep so how could i be so cold? not to give you all of me withholding love is getting old fast when it is all i have to give so i will give it all to you pouring my heart out it flows like a river so much life swimming through it all vulture of the old world, its time to say goodbye extinction can be necessary, cause everybody dies and some things just arent needed anymore you protected me for millions of years and i thank you without you, i'm not sure i would've made it now im ready to fly -- far away far away, far away, far away, from the miocene
Blue Hole 03:26
creek of mountain runoff, crying your tears rejuvenate my body fish of different sizes swimming mosses and lichen cling to rocks you've brought in blue hole, what do you know that i don't? your waters chill me to the bone, blue hole transformed within your magic, blue hole, natural swimming pool you laughed so hard you cried, carved out the mountainside and now we relish in the cool beauty of your sighs tree cover lets us hide, within you we reside for the evening blue hole, what do you know that i don't? your waters chill me to the bone, blue hole transformed within your magic, we swim and talk with strangers and their dogs blue hole, you know i'm your fool
the practice right now is to see what i’m clinging to what do i hold in my hand that might trip me? grasping at the past, like a stone, it hits me expectations of what i’ve done, lingering on me twenty years ago, 10 years ago, one year ago why would i act from that place so ? who is standing where my feet are and what will we do? grasping at the past, like a dream, it leaves me what would i do if you were me right now? like a beast, i’ll show you my teeth who do is i see in my mind when i think of myself as an idol of mine? grasping at sand, like a fool, it elludes me when walking on air, or boots on the ground, i’m alive, i’m alive
Die Everyday 03:30
i have not lost the feeling, the fear of being forgotten, i’m reeling rewinding it playin in my mind over and over again i’m the one with spotlight, wherever i shine it becomes bright, illuminated in my mind over and over again and if i die today i hope you’ll remember me, as a genius, or just as a funny guy and in 500 years i pray i’ll be forgotten, cause nothing should last that long for humans i would die everyday, reborn unto the next thing if it means we will be free over and over again i cry, cry every day, i cry, cry everyday feeling the pain in a new way, not running and hiding within shame, its in my face and its smiling over and over again theres something about being brand new that grand view from atop the mountain seeing the journey ahead of you over and over again and if i die today, i hope you’ll think of me when it rains and water collects in unexpected places and in 500 years, everything will be different our brand new skin will just have to wait and see i would die everyday, reborn unto the next things shifting and changing with the stream i would die every minute, every second if i let go if freedom would come to all i know over and over again i cry, cry everyday, i cry, cry everyday
Turniphead 06:17
when we started growing apart, i knew that it was time you'd tell me about your day, but never ask me about mine i could never stop loving you, even if i tried so i took my leave, opted in for a hard goodbye we would talk all night, talking about oceans and how little we studied them you were always wondering what's going on beneath the surface so i shared everything, with you, all my feelings when we started growing apart, i knew that it was time you'd tell me about your day, but never ask me about mine i could never stop loving you, even if i tried you come to me in my dreams, distant but fine you said you could kiss me if you swayed more that way not sure if you knew how you made me feel on that day on a leash, i was running towards what could never be i just wanted to know you and be what you needed me to be but it got to a point where i just needed to be me when i grew in one direction, you grew the other way told me i wasn't being myself, that i was just wasting away i could never stop loving you, even if i tried so i took my leave, followed my dreams, with a hard goodbye i was feeling i was needed, it was what i'd always known i was needing to be needed, but i knew some folks that didn't need a thing from me, just needed me to be myself unapologetically, and that felt alright, then it felt pristine i was a light in a crystal cave, shining til i found my way to the opening, i moved away, and started opening, and transforming the way i was relating and i'm still working it out
So Red 03:28
opening myself like opening a clam slowly, slowly no cracking cant take a knife to it, my jaw is so tight from all the things i cant let go my knuckles so hard, so white opening myself, like talking with a child i know why you run and hide, it feels safer inside, can’t take the joy out of it, ill be disengaged i’ll run and fall on my knees, get scraped up real bad opening myself, like excavating ruins dust away, stir gently that which weighs you down digging and digging only gets you so far but you hit groundwater this time, a spring erupts, the beauty rises so wet revealing a ruby, so red
Brandy 01:56
i've been breaking thru the soles of all my shoes walking round town looking for you and little did i know, you were right down the road in the backyard with your arms crossed and your eyes closed i've been walking up and down the stairs all day just hoping the pain will fade away but the pain sits there in silence and it looks at me and it smiles and it's june and i can't help but think of you i've been waking up before the clocks go off waking up and checkin all the locks cause i hear your cries, see your demise and i'm wondering if you'll come home, knocking at the door but you never do and i think of my last words to you and i can't recall them so without further ado, i'll say thank you for doing what you do i know you're out being someone new, so i'll see you soon
Life & Death 06:21
i may not remember you save photos and stories from a time, when you held pain i couldn’t comprehend i try to place blame like a piece that won’t fit i tried cracking codes, when i could’ve been compassionate regret and revenge, best friends, with daggers behind their backs they are so human, its hilarious they’ll kill eachother given the chance, so this time i’ll turn my head and i let them die, i let them die life and death and other things that make no sense in these bodies i know, i know, i know it’ll make sense someday life and death and other things that make no sense in these bodies i know, i know, i know, it’ll make sense someday when i look into kitren’s eyes, i see your essence left behind in all things, glowing so bright you havent really left at all, just changed your shape when i’m feeling small, i'll curl up into you you’d run and hide, you’d come to be by my side gentle creature, tiny feline the way you left us still plays back in my mind with my hands on my solar plexus on cold, quiet nights
I would take you to a place, quiet and gentle With branches overhead, holding, quiet and gentle I would take you in my arms, open and loyal On a seat made of moss, quiet and royal You would point out the fauna, I would point at the flora A world for the loving, for the loving, a world I would play past the sun set, laughing and crying Wholly with you, laughing and crying I would hold you in my hand, simple and true Listen without thought, listen without thought I would love you through dying Death, it would be trying, yet hardly an obstacle My love keeps growing For love is unending, it has no beginning Like breath living within you Like breath living within you Can you recall where you were before? Can you recall where you were before? There's no need when I'm with you When I'm with you
did you know that you did it? all those things you said you wanted to do? did you know that you did it? traversed the land, found buried treasure and you’re finding it right now when you’re wandering around when you’re wandering around you did it, kid oooh kid, you did it and i’ll always be here we’ll get there together and make every day into heaven it lives all around you are you feeling it? the way that i’m feeling it? did you know that you did it? kid, you did it and i'll always be here
i'm breaking down, all my furs fallen out alone on the side of the road cars pass me, and what do they know? rain melting my skin away, my bones exposed the torture was never my own, for the toad shares in it the crows are circling, circling, circling suffering was never my own for the toad shares in it the crows share in it, circling cycling the worms share in it, the worms are cycling, cycling, cycling the toads share in it, the crows are sharing circling, circling, circling i was reborn a child surrounded by cats in the cradle gazing with curiosity out the window i took an axe, i cut thru the rubber that kept me from cycling, circling circling, cycling, cycling, circling pink candle flickering, i mourn over nothing, i mourn the crows are circling, cycling, circling, curtseying the worms share in it, the toad shares in it i know


This album has been a long time in the making, and my first full album release since December 2019. So much has happened in that short time -- the whole world has completely transformed, as well as our inner worlds. I feel like a radically different person since the last time I put out an album, but I guess this is pretty typical as I tend to be a shapeshifter. We all are shifting shape in our own way. With all these new feelings, new thoughts, and new perspectives, comes new sounds and new experimentations. As always, my music is a diary, a way for me to emotionally process my experiences. In some ways it feels as though I've been exploring a world completely alien to me during my retreat inward, deep into the realm of my shadow: my fear, my shame, my regret; my hidden places have been illuminated. And as always, I carry an idealization within me, of what I aspire to become, what I aim to build within my temple, and I feed this into my art to reflect this image I hold so dear to me, so that I might continue to really reflect these things in my daily life. These songs are my way of presenting my findings with you all. I hope you will find joy and comfort in my music, and maybe even a bit of healthy heartbreak and heart-mend. May these songs symbiotically live in your ears and in your heart and guts. Thank you for listening, and for being here with me! Peace and love forever and ever, amen!

This album is posted on my official Rayne & the Six-Star System bandcamp, bugbugtapes.bandcamp.com . Check it out over there too!


released July 23, 2022

All songs written by Rayne L Blakeman, with the exception of track 11, which is written by Neil Young, copyright 1980 Warner Bros - Reprise Records.

All the love in the world to everyone who made this album possible: my beloved Stephen for your support, and the prattling Kitren Cat for reminding me to take care of myself (and her) when in the throes of musical fixation; Obsidian, Evan, Mark, Freya, and Kazzi, for listening to demos sent at all hours of the day, and for giving me feedback and encouragement. Without this crucial element, the mutual sharing of ideas, it would feel as though I was walking alone in the dark. And there are hundreds of other people I could mention, but I will just say this to you, who is reading this: Thank you for being the light in my life that guides me back to love.


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